Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I have had some questions about tomorrow’s teacher prep day.  Tomorrow is a campus staff development day. January 16 is the Teacher Prep Day
Everyone gets to come to work tomorrow!  I look forward to seeing each of you and hearing about all the nice things that Santa brought you.
Breakfast and Lunch on your own.
8:30-Faculty Meeting in Library
1.  Changes in RRRR
2.  Post Christmas Party Information
3.  Department Meeting Outcome Expectations
     A.  Where are we on our goal?
     B.  How can we measure our progress?
     C.  How will we present this to rest of the faculty after lunch?
9:30-11:30-Department and RTI Meetings
The RTI meetings will take place in Russell’s office
A. 9:30-6th Grade Reading-Levi and Ochoa
B. 9:45-7th Grade Reading-Blankenship and Rowe
C. 10:00-8th Grade Reading-Pope
D. 10:30-6th Grade Math-Monty and Casey
E. 10:45-7th Grade Math-Cole
F.  11:00-8th Grade Math-Beshea and Bailey
1:00-2:30-Individual Department Meetings in the Library (Administrative Interns will be present)
A. 1:00-Science
B.  1:20-History
C.  1:40-Writing
D.  2:10-Math
E.  2:30-Reading
2:30-Athletics and Fine Arts’ Finance Meeting-Coaches, Choir, and Band

Dec. 13-19

 As of now we have about half of the staff committed to go to our annual Post-Christmas Party.  Jeans are irrelevant in my work ward robe.  I am suit-guy by nature.  If you are undecided, I encourage you to go.  I would enjoy seeing as many of you at the celebration as possible.  Should be a great night for only $5.

Monday Dec. 14

Happy Birthday Lanny Roach, Sara Reed, and Karen Kelley

7th Grade Basketball vs. North Richland

Boys @ North Richland

Girls @ Smithfield

6th grade students will go to the BHS choir concert in our cafeteria during R4.

Tuesday, Dec. 15th

ID Badges during your conference

**8thgraders will have their group picture made during R4.  After that the club pictures will be made—NJHS, STUCO, Rawkin Raiders, SWAP, Art

Wednesday, Dec. 16    

Fingerprinting in A09                 

R4—Lone Star reading party in library

Progress reports go home

Thursday, Dec. 17       

R4—pep rally for 7th/8th graders in gym

8th Basketball vs North Richland

Boys @ Smithfield

Girls @ North Richland

Friday, Dec. 18

 All library books due

Teacher Prep Day hours due to Gayle

 Blog Assignments are due

Students Released 11:30

Make sure you have signed up for the Christmas Party before you leave for break.  $5 will seem like $500 after you come back.

For 100 points-What are the medical benefits of swaddling a baby?

Raider News Dec. 6-12

Many of you are friends with or taught the children of Kathy Albert.  Kathy has battled cancer for the past couple of years.  Her fight ended last night.  She has peace.   

Please keep her family and the staff at Porter in your prayers. 


Mon. Dec. 7

Semester Exams Due to CM

3:30 Faculty Meeting in the Library

7th Grade Basketball

Boys @ Bedford

Girls @ Raider Nation

Tuesday-Dec. 8

Happy Birthday Laura Luke

4:00-Cross Country District Meet @ Meadow Park

5:00-6:30-Art Reception

7:00-Choir Winter Concert @ BHS

Wed.-Dec. 9

Fire/AED Drills

2:00 7th and 8th Grade Athletes In Cafe’ SMS Safety Training

Thurs.-Dec. 10

2:00-3:15 Rawkin Raider Party

1230-5:30 6th Grade Choir to Mall

8th Grade Basketball

Boys @ Raider Nation

Girls @ Bedford

Friday Dec. 11

1230-800 7/8 Choirs to Mall

7:00 Band Winter Concert @ Birdville High School

Raider News-November 23



Citizens of the Raider Nation,


I am certainly thankful for each one of you.  God has used each one of you to teach, mold, and shape my life. 


Many of you may remember my first year and the Chariots of Fire video clip I used.  The movie was my attempt at an illustration.  I was illustrating teaching as a race.  We acknowledged that teaching is not a sprint to the TAKS test.  With each hurdle, we jump as high as we can.  Some hurdles we graze with our heal.  Some hurdles we hit with our forehead.  (ouch!)  Some we sail over!  Regardless, we keep running.  We never quit.  Quiet honestly, I do not think that I could  have  kept going for as long as I have had it not been for you.  Each of you, in your own way, have kept me running the straight race.


Thanks for running this race with me. Thanks for your encouragement.  Thanks for your endurance.  Thanks for your persistence. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 22


Happy Birthday Mark Neese and Richard Hamm


Monday, November 23


Happy Birthday-Larry Compton


7th Grade Girls Basketball @ The Raider Nation

7th Grade Boys Basketball @ Harwood Jr.


Tuesday, November 24


Safety Drill Day

AED, Fire, Tornado, Lock Down, Shelter in Place


RRRR-Locker Clean-Out

2:00-6th and 8th Grade

2:11-7th Grade


Cross Country @ Meadow Park


For 100 points-Who are the two Olympians that Chariots of Fire was based on?

PTA Reflections and Raider News Nov. 16

Thanks to the many students who participated in the Reflections program this year!   SMS has some of the most creative students!

Congratulations to the following Smithfield Middle PTA Reflections Program Finalists 2009 – 2010:


Alexandra Cooke

Katelyn Gardner

Elizabeth Krieger

Hannah Larson

Murphy Studebaker

Shea Whatley


Good luck to you at the BISD Council level judging!


Nov. 16


TX Scholars-8th Grade History


Nov.  17

Cross Country Meet-BISD Course in Haltom City

Nov. 18


6:00 Parent Basketball Meeting

6th and 7th Grade Raider Buck Store

Nov. 19

7th and 8th Grade Raider Buck Store

8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Harwood

8th Grade Girls Basketball @ Harwood

Nov. 20

RRRR-Report Cards Go Home

 4-6 Boy’s Choir to Laser Quest


November 16-20 Important Dates and News



Nov. 16

Happy Birthday Austin Woodall

TX Scholars-8th Grade History

Grades Due @ Midnight

Nov.  17

Cross Country Meet-BISD Course Haltom City

Nov. 18

Happy Birthday Terri “Duece” Staley

6:00 Parent Basketball Meeting

6th and 7th Grade Raider Buck Store

Nov. 19

Happy Birthday Barrie Meagher

7th and 8th Grade Raider Buck Store

8th Grade Boys Basketball vs. Harwood

8th Grade Girls Basketball @ Harwood

Nov. 20

RRRR-Report Cards Go Home

RRRR-STUCO in Cafeteria

4-6 Boy’s Choir to Laser Quest

Sorry for neglecting the blog.  My computer was broken.

Really……. my computer was not broken.  It was being used to do 33 observations for the month of Oct.  No excuses for August and Sept.

One of the issues that was a hot topic in our observations was higher level thinking.  I encourage you to read the following articles.  They blew my mind.  I would like to hear your thoughts.



100 points-What is the country of the flag pictured?

Mark Your Calendar Aug 10-15

Dates Remembered

Thurs.  Aug. 13-6th and 8th Grade Registration

Saturday Aug. 15 Happy Birthday Jason Crawford



T-Shirts are available.  Thanks Gayle for designing and ordering our T-shirts each year. 

Remember the dress code for Convocation AT RICHLAND HILLS CHURCH OF CHRIST.

You have two choices- Not Painful or Painful

Men-New Raider T-Shirt and Jeans/Khakis or Slacks, Dress Shirt, and Neck Tie

Women-Raider T-Shirt and Jeans/Khakis or Dress with Hose and Heels

We will have our team picture at 1:00 following convocation and lunch.  After that we will have our station rotation.

People and Places

I do not want to get into the “nuts and bolts” of this on our blog but, God is good.  If you have questions about how this unfolded specifically come talk with me.  It is a very moving story.


Daniel Arnold-will be teaching 6th grade science and coaching (Title II funding)

Judy Stricklin-will be teaching .5 day Texas History-(Yes, the former history consultant.) replaces Dan’s .5 teaching unit

Andy Davis-will be teaching Texas History, Science, and coaching (replaces Dani Webb) 

Austin Woodall-Challenge Program, replaces Mitch Dopplemore

New Places

Cheryl Newton-will be teaching Texas History

Ryan Holzberger-Will be teaching 6th and 8th grade science


Raider Nation News Update


Dates Remembered

July 26-Happy Birthday Meagan Moffitt

July 28-Happy Birthday Stephanie Stewart

July 30-First Day Back-Welcome back Coaches!!!

August 2-Happy Birthday Sherri Holt

August 3-First Day Back-Welcome Gayle, Byron, Gina, and Lt. Dan!!!

August 4-Happy Birthday Sam Samford

August 7-Happy Birthday Anthony Lopez

August 9-Happy Birthday Lori Caruthers and Martina Gordillo



Could you please complete the following survey for my good friend David Holland? 


For 100 points-The man in the picture is Gabe Kaplan from Welcome Back Kotter.  Name as many characters from Welcome Back Kotter as you can.

Back in the Saddle Again


Dates Remembered

July 16-Happy Birthday Susan Webb

July 19-Happy Birthday SpongeBob and Curtis Russell

July 20-Jeff Russell is back on duty.

July 25-Happy Birthday Karen Schiltz

In The News

Your favorite guidance counselor (Byron Sparkman) has been busy balancing classes.   Top priorities in creating our schedule are allowing as many students as possible to have their chosen classes and maintaining small class sizes for the majority of our classrooms. 

Many of you are aware that we have lost two teaching units.  Kerri Cummings’ and Christie Rogers’ teaching units at this point will not be replaced. Our campus enrollment has not decreased.  As you can imagine, this presents problems in achieving the priorities mentioned in the above paragraph.   As a result of this, some teachers will be teaching subjects that may be a change from the past.  If you are one of the effected teachers,  I will contact you personally. 

People and Places

Dan Burbach is now a part-time Richland Ram.  He will be half-time at RMS and half-time at SMS.  This move opened our athletic coordinator position.  Congratulations, Dan!

Our new athletic coordinator is the current BISD Teacher of the Year, Marty Blowers.  You might have seen Coach Blowers on the district web-site.  To my knowledge, Coach Blowers is the first female middle school coordinator in BISD history.  Congratulations, Coach Blowers!

Mark Marsh will be taking over the reigns as head football coach.  Our football program could not be in better hands (well, maybe Tony Dungy or Tom Landry).  Congratulations, Coach Marsh! 

for 1000 points-Where does the green character in the picture work?



Mark Your Calendar June 29-July 11


 June 29

Happy Birthday Marjorie Lasher

June 30

Happy Birthday Tina Clifton

July 1

Happy Birthday Dr. Waddell

July 2

Happy Birthday Anthony Holman

July 3

Happy Birthday  Barbera Hix

Happy Forty Fourth Anniversary Mom and Dad

July 4

Happy Birthday USA and Teresa Hughes

July 6

Happy Birthday Shari Benton

July 7

Happy Birthday Marty Blowers and Ramsey McDonald

July 9

Happy Birthday Jerri Lewis

July 11

Happy Birthday Laura Heath

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Danni Webb.  Mrs. Webb is now the the librarian at North Oaks Middle School.  Mrs. Webb will be missed and has done a great job the last two years.-Semper Danni Webb!

For 200 Points-How did George Washington celebrate the Independence Day in 1778?